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Elliott Berry

Dip.Mar.Sur., RMS., RMC., F.I.I.M.S., FI.DIAG.E., MNI., AMRINA., ARSPH., NACE.

Managing Director, Marine Surveyor & Consultant

Fellow of the Institution of Diagnostic Engineers (2020) (Chairman 2017-)

Fellow of the International Institute of Marine Surveying (2020)

Associate Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (1999)

Member of The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (2019)

Associate Member of the Royal Society for Public Health (2019)

Member of The Nautical Institute (2020)

Diploma:                    Marine Surveying (1998)

GNVQ:                       Advanced Engineering (1997)

12 GCSEs:                 Including Mathematics and English (1994)


  • ITNTO Accredited Certificate in Management and Assessment

  • ITNTO Accredited Certificate in Fixing PC's and PC Applications

  • Osmosis and Simple Stability and the Inclining Experiment

  • The Recreational Craft Directive and Surveying Wooden Boats

  • Calor Gas Dealer Part One LPG Certificate  

  • Unfair Terms and Clauses

  • Operational Requirements for Surveys in the Container Domain

  • Gas Problems in Small Craft and the Sea Check Initiative

  • Certificate in Corrosion with ICORR and IIMS  

  • Wooden, Steel, and FRP Boats

  • Marine Corrosion

  • MCA Coding Surveys

  • Mechanical Surveys on Small Craft

  • Oil and Equipment Monitoring

  • Paint Coatings In the Small Craft Industry

  • Rigs and Rigging

  • Paint Coatings and Osmosis

  • Coding Survey Update

  • Ferro Cement Vessels

  • Tonnage measurement and Registration

  • Fire Fighting Equipment and FM200

  • Coding Surveys Procedure and Practice

  • Engineering Installations

  • Cathodic Protection

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

  • Survey of Wooden Vessels

  • IIMS Annual General Meeting

  • Approved to carry out Tonnage Measurement through IIMS

  • Presenting your Expert Evidence in the Courtroom or in an Arbitration

  • “Welding”


  • Co-wrote “Code of Practice for the Carrying out of Inclining Experiments on Floating Vessels”, (2000)

  • What Every Marine Surveyor Needs to know about Stability & the Inclining Experiment (2017)

  • What Every Marine Surveyor Needs to know about Small Craft Engine Surveys (2017)

  • What Every Marine Surveyor Needs to know about Towage Surveys & Bollard Pulls (2018)

  • What Every Marine Surveyor Needs to know about the Survey of Rigid Inflatable Boats (2020)

  • What Every marine Surveyor Needs to Know about Corrosion, Electrolysis, Galvanism, Anodes and MIC with Jeffrey Casciani-Wood (2020)

  • Numerous articles published in quarterly journals and magazines.

Marine Surveyors & Consultants

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