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Managing Director, Marine Surveyor & Consultant

                                                                 Brief Biography
    2005 -     Business Owner & Independent Marine Surveyor/Naval Architect & Consultant.

•  Conducting Structural, Mechanical and Forensic surveys of boats and ships of all types of 
•  Performing Pre-Purchase and Insurance valuations along with Pre-Delivery inspections, Inclining 
Experiments, Design and Pre-Shipment surveys, Towage Inspections, Tonnage Surveys and Consultancy.
•  Survey Report Troubleshooting & Corrosion Assessment.
•  Cathodic Protection Design.

     1997-2005       Marine Surveyor/Naval Architect, Jeffrey Wood Marine Ltd.

•  Completing an Apprenticeship as a Marine Surveyor & Naval Architect and securing a permanent 
position with responsibility for surveying various vessels including bulk carriers, tankers, small 
boats and yachts.

When I finished school in 1994 I spent the next three years studying mechanical and electrical 
engineering at Havering College achieving an Advanced GNVQ before entering a four-year indentured 
apprenticeship as a Marine Surveyor and Naval Architect with a well-established marine surveyor.

During the apprenticeship period I studied further to obtain the Inaugural Diploma in Marine 
Surveying achieving a level 5 qualification.

Upon completion of a four year apprenticeship I was employed full time as a Marine Surveyor and 
Naval Architect for another four years carrying out structural and mechanical surveys, valuations, 
design work and stability calculations as well as inclining experiments until my mentor retired in 
2005 at which time I set up my own company and continue to conduct structural and mechanical 
surveys, MCA NDT Inspections and Class V Passenger vessel inspections, valuations, stability 
calculations and inclining experiments as well as design work for both private and corporate 

During my employment I oversaw the rebuild of the Thames Sailing Barge “Dawn” as part of a 
Heritage Lottery fund programme, which culminated in the vessel being used for educational trips 
from its mooring in Heybridge basin.

I am a Fellow of The International Institute of Marine Surveying, a member of their management 
board and representative on the British Standards Institute Small Craft Committee as well as being 
former Vice Chairman of the Institute Small Craft Working Group, I’m a Fellow of the Society of 
Diagnostic Engineers of which I am also a Director and Chairman of the council responsible for the 
membership of approximately 1000 members , A Member of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science 
& Technology, an Associate Member of The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, A Member of the 
Royal Society for Public Health, A Member of The Nautical Institute, an Associate of the Academy of 
Experts, a Member of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, A member of the 
Microbiological Society, and a Fellow of The National Institution of Black Mould Experts.

A Member of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers of which I am a member of the
following Committees:

1. Cathodic Protection & Corrosion Control Research Development.
2. Marine Vessel Corrosion.
3. Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC).

I am the IIMS Representative for the British Standards Institute and a Member of the Environment 
Agency National Waterways Advisory Group

I regularly attend conferences and meetings to further my Continuous Professional Development and 
have written numerous articles for both the IIMS Report Magazine and Diagnostic Engineer as well as 
co-writing the IIMS Code of Practice for the Carrying out of Inclining Experiments on Floating 

I am an Approved Tonnage Surveyor with IIMS.

I have also written four guidebooks published through IIMS

•  What Every Marine Surveyor Needs to know about Stability & the Inclining Experiment (2017) 
(Awaiting publishing)
•  What Every Marine Surveyor Needs to know about Small Craft Engine Surveys (2017) (published 
•  What Every Marine Surveyor Needs to know about Towage surveys and Bollard Pulls (2018) (Awaiting 
•  What Every Marine Surveyor Needs to know about Surveying Rigid Inflatable Boats (2019) 
(Published 2020)
•  What Every marine Surveyor Needs to Know about Corrosion, Electrolysis, Galvanism, Anodes and 
MIC with Jeffrey Casciani-Wood (2020)

Below are a few of the courses and seminars I have attended.

•  -ITNTO Accredited Certificate in Management and Assessment
•  -ITNTO Accredited Certificate in Fixing PC's and PC Applications
•  -Osmosis
•  -Simple Stability and the Inclining Experiment
•  -The Recreational Craft Directive and Surveying Wooden Boats
•  -Calor Gas Dealer Part One LPG Certificate
•  -Unfair Terms and Clauses
•  -Operational Requirements for Surveys in the Container Domain
•  -Gas Problems in Small Craft and the Sea Check Initiative
•  -Certificate in Corrosion with ICORR and IIMS
•  -Wooden, Steel, and FRP Boats
•  -Marine Corrosion
•  -MCA Coding Surveys
•  -Mechanical Surveys on Small Craft
•  -Oil and Equipment Monitoring
•  -Paint Coatings in the Small Craft Industry
•  -Rigs and Rigging
•  -Paint Coatings and Osmosis
•  -Coding Survey Update
•  -Ferro Cement Vessels
•  -Tonnage measurement and Registration

•  -Fire Fighting Equipment and FM200
•  -Coding Surveys Procedure and Practice
•  -Engineering Installations
•  -Cathodic Protection
•  -Ultrasonic Thickness Testing Theory & Practice
•  -Survey of Wooden Vessels
•  -Presenting your Expert Evidence in the Courtroom or in an Arbitration
•  -Welding
•  -Effective Report Writing
•  -Propellers
•  -Corrosion and Properties of Metals
•  -Cognitive Behavioural Therapy- How to get the best from witnesses
•  -Ultrasonic Thickness Surveys
•  -Inland Waterways Surveys
•  -Heeling & Rolling Tests
•  -The Boat Safety Scheme
•  -Marine Coating Imperfections
•  -Surveying Large Yachts-
•  -Business Management Skills
•  -Enclosed Spaces training

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