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You Asked, We Answered

Why do I need a boat survey?

"Boats are complicated in their design and constructions and contain various levels of technical equipment. Buying a boat subject to survey allows you to find out if there are defects which may allow you to negotiate a price reduction or arrange for the owner to fix any issues prior to purchase.

A survey is often needed in order to get insurance."

When should I get a survey?

"It is standard when dealing with a broker that you will agree to buy the vessel subject to survey."

Will you tell the owner/broker what you have found?

"NO! As our client, we report to you and you alone. "

Who pays for what?

"It is the purchaser's responsibility to pay for the survey and the cost of lifting or drydocking."

Who organises the survey?

"You or the broker will need to organise for the permission, keys and lifting, however, we can help with this if necessary."

Can I attend the survey?

"You are very welcome to attend the survey, however, it would be preferable if this were toward the end of the survey."

Do I have to be there?

"It is not necessary for you to attend the survey as we will conduct the survey on your behalf."

Who are the IIMS?

" The International Institue of Marine Surveying is an internationally recognised body that promotes professional boat surveying standards. All of our surveyors belong to the institute and are required to undertake Continuous Professional Development."


All of our surveyors hold corporate membership of IIMS and are fully qualified and insured.

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