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Elliott Berry Appointed to IIMS Management Board

After a three month period in an observational capacity we are delighted to announce that our owner Elliott Berry has been appointed to the IIMS Board of Management.

The International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) is an award-winning, independent, non-political organisation promoting the professionalism, recognition and training of marine surveyors worldwide, formed in 1991.

The IIMS defines marine surveying as: “The service provided to maritime and transport organisations in general and the production of guidance reports for all other bodies connected with maritime operations or maritime trade”.

The IIMS is recognised as the leading worldwide professional body for marine surveyors and has a membership of more than 1,000 professionals in over 100 countries. It is the largest organisation of its kind and seeks to represent its industry to government and non-governmental organisations such as the International Marine Organisation (IMO), Coastguards, P&I Clubs, insurance companies, brokers, vessel and ship owners. IIMS is not frightened to call national maritime regulators to account.

The IIMS provides a range of services and benefits to its members, allied organisations and to the wider shipping, yachting and boating world, including:

  • Maintaining a comprehensive database of member marine surveyors both on this site and also via the high acclaimed Marine Surveyor Search App, the only one of its kind

  • Professional training courses and online seminars for marine surveyors

  • A distance learning Professional Qualifications education programme in yacht and small craft and cargo and commercial ship marine surveying and in marine corrosion

  • The Report Magazine, a well-produced, editorially rich quarterly publication highlighting key marine surveying topics, opinions and news

  • Conferences and meetings internationally providing a place for the marine surveying industry to meet and network

  • Acting as an MCA approved vessel coding Certifying Authority duly authorised by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency to code vessels up to 24 metres for commercial use

The IIMS is headquartered in Portchester UK

The IIMS is headed by a President, supported by a Vice President and a Management Board. This structure is supported by a Chief Executive Officer and head office team based at Murrills House, Portchester in the UK. In addition, there are several branches and also overseas representatives in various regions worldwide.

The Management Board is made up of members from around the world covering all aspects of the surveying profession, all with many years experience in the marine surveying industry.

In 2016 IIMS came of age when it celebrated its 25th Anniversary and celebrated its 30th birthday in 2021.

The global regions covered by IIMS board members and overseas representatives are: Asia, Australasia, Bangladesh, Cameroon, China, Croatia/Adriatic, Dubai, East Africa, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Reunion Island & Mauritius, Sweden, Turkey, Trinidad, Tunisia, UK, USA.

The Institute holds conferences each year in many of these regions and a Conference and Annual General Meeting in the UK. In non-Covid times, members travel from all over the world to network with peers, learn about marine industry developments and get updates on the wider work of the IIMS.

Branches of the Institute are located in Canada, India, Nigeria and UAE. Each branch has a Chairman and full working committee.

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