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Exciting and ground-breaking partnership between MARSURV Marine Surveys and LANDAU

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

We are pleased to announce an exciting and ground-breaking partnership between MARSURV Marine Surveys and LANDAU.

MARSURV who are a globally known brand and established professional marine surveyors and consultants. Based in the UK with a team possessing a wealth of experience and technical expertise across a vast range of marine surveying activities for both private and commercial clients.

Specialising in conducting surveys on vessels of all types, sizes and materials and including Yachts, Motorboats, Houseboats, Narrowboats, Barges & RIBs.

They can also carry out Towage Approval Surveys and Tonnage Measurement Inspections

Visit to find out more.

Landau UK are a leading marine retrofit specialist and full-service provider, delivering award winning turn key solutions for all your interior/exterior needs. Including installations and retro-fits of all equipment and systems to houseboats, inland vessels, power and sail boats, historic boats and luxury yachts.

Our goal is to maximise the amount of enjoyment, pleasure and performance a boat can bring its owner.

With more than 25 years experience installing, upgrading and enhancing our clients boats in the leisure market from all over the world Landau UK has carved an unimpeachable reputation.

Our team of engineers are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to any idea our clients may have and can offer innovative solutions and can work within any budget.

The quality of our workmanship and project management is second to none, as our clients expect nothing less. Our reputation within the leisure marine industry precedes us and we are known for our affordable bespoke and tailored services with a personal touch.

This agreement is aimed at expanding the services of both companies by sharing their specialisations and products to a wider market and providing a wider range of services to our customers.


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