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Marsurv Marine Surveys & MarSpec Engine Consultants join forces

MARSURV Marine Surveys and MARSPEC Engine Consultants join forces.

MARSPEC as global engine experts and marine investigation and survey specialists with a proud history of engineering excellence. Supporting worldwide projects from its UK location by providing ship owners/managers and energy companies with all the precision skills needed to troubleshoot, plan or complete the most demanding projects including covering:

• Insurance claim tech support

• Technical investigation and root cause analysis

• Supervision of all types of engine maintenance and repairs

• Lubricant and Fuel supply/testing

• Project Management

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MARSURV professional marine surveyors and consultants also based in the UK with a wealth of experience and technical expertise across a vast range of marine activities for both private and commercial clients. Specialising in conducting surveys & valuations on vessels of all types, sizes and materials including:

• Yachts, Motorboats,

• Houseboats,

• Narrowboats,

• Barges

• RIBs

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By combining these well-known companies’ resources and skills this Memorandum Of Understanding is aimed at expanding the support available to its client’s complex requirements.

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